Goat Rocks

The Goat Rocks is a series of peaks stretching north of Mount Adams to just south of White Pass. The Pacific Crest Trail runs directly through its forest and alpine terrain. The Goat Rocks Wilderness is bordered to the west by the Gifford Pinchot National Forest and to the east by the Wenatchee National Forest. It was originally designated as a Forest Service "Primitive Area" in 1931. The area was designated as National Forest Wilderness with the passage of the 1964 Wilderness legislation.

As the name implies, mountain goats are among the many animals that one might encounter here. These goats are not accustomed to human presence. There are no lines at the trailheads and you won't have any trouble finding a camp to yourself. We often find ourselves alone during the most beautiful days of the year. It's no wonder that the summit registers take years to fill up, often decades. Nevertheless, our experiences here could fill a lifetime of memory.

This is our training ground. We've spent countless days backcountry skiing in an area known as the Hogback. This remains my favorite spot for winter skiing. Spring and summer provide easier access to the heart of this region as snow melts from the forest roads. The approaches can still be cumbersome but the rewards far outweigh the effort. Skiing off the top of peaks such as Gilbert, Old Snowy, Ives, Tieton and Bear Creek is unreal. We often remind ourselves that there is no place that we'd rather be during these moments. Rainier and Adams are left to envy the corn snow and calm weather that prevails here. This is our secret playground.


 Mount Gilbert

 Old Snowy

 Tieton Peak





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