The outer bowls of Hogback. The tooth is on the left. Mount Rainier is in the background. You can also see an avalanche that we cut off (see Humor, Avalanche) and the skin track that we came up.


This is where it all began. Notice the long hair and skinny skis.

Charlie taking a break during our first overnight trip to Hogback.


Troy hiking in one of the lower bowls.


Powder in the lower bowls.


Powder in the upper bowls.


We learned a lot in the Hogback.

Charlie turns a small cornice into a bomb to test the slope for avalanches.


The weather isn't always that great but you don't mind that much when you're less than an hour from the car.

Jason and Josh returning to camp after attempting to climb Old Snowy.


Sometimes you don't mind at all.

Full moon a couple of days before the new millenium.