Hogback, Elevation 7,000ft

November 25, 2001

1 day

Ben, Troy, Jason

Troy and Jason on the summit of Hogback.


Normally I wouldn't post a trip report from Hogback but this was one of the first ski trips of the winter season and I came back with a couple good photos so I figured why not. This remains my favorite area for winter backcountry. I can only hope that the White Pass Ski Resort gives up on their expansion request or that the courts continue to deny it.

Thanksgiving weekend was coming to a close. The lifts had yet to open but that was of little concern. We had an appetite to ski that needed to be filled. Troy and I were heading from Yakima to Tacoma so we figured that we mind as well ski on the way back. The Hummels agreed to meet us at White Pass. Troy and I were early and Jason was late. Turns out Josh didn't want to wake up after a long night of video games at his dad's house in Morton so Jason drove up by himself. There was less than a foot of snow at the pass but more than enough to skin. I battled steep slopes to the top of the lifts while Troy and Jason took a more moderate route to the west. Their route is definitely faster. I'm used to sneaking a ride on the lifts so I chose to follow the more familiar ridge. We ended up summiting at roughly the same time. Jason's leg was bothering him so he took it slow. The wind was bitter cold so we didn't spend much time on top.

The ski back to the resort was decent although the base was thin and there were lots of small trees still showing. We passed a couple following our skin track through the glades. The ski down the resort was as good as it gets thanks to the ungroomed slopes and no people.


Jason taking some air above the glades.


It wasn't the best day of skiing at the Hogback but it was definitely better than staying home.