Who We Are

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Ben Manfredi

That's me. I was a senior at UW majoring in Civil Engineering. Now I'm employed. My priorities right now are skiing, climbing, kayaking and work. Most of the photos here were taken by me.


Troy Manfredi

That's my brother. Troy has been working a lot these past few years so he's missed out on some good trips. However, he's been known to call in sick when the weather is good.



Charlie Berg

I met Charlie as a freshman in high school. We've been skiing together ever since. You'll notice that he skis alpine rather than telemark. He spent Winter 1999/2000 in Europe and went to Las Lenas for a month of skiing in August 2001. Yea, I'm jealous.



Tygh Wyckoff

I've known Tygh since 10th grade. He's a year younger than myself but you can't tell that by the way he climbs.



Jason Hummel

I've never seen anyone wreck as hard as Jason. There are very few things that he won't do. He leaves those for his brother Josh.



Josh Hummel

Josh scares me sometimes. He does a lot of crazy stuff although he always seems to keep it together.



Andrew Freed

The trips that Freed has been on are the most memorable. You never know what will come out of his pack when we reach camp. He gets along with everyone.