Winchester Mountain, Elevation 6,521ft

December 21-22, 2002

2 days

Ben, Jason, Josh


I discovered the Twin Lakes area during a late winter ski of Winchester the previous season. The biggest challenge was convincing myself to skin 7 miles of road.

An early winter ski should allow us to drive most of the road so we did just that. The Diesel got us to within 4 miles of Twin Lakes. From there, we followed a skin track through several feet of fresh. We set up camp at Twin Lakes and set our sights on a peak to the south. A brief skin led us to its summit where we caught glimpses of Winchester, Goat and Larrabee.

The weather was forecast to clear but it did nothing but deteriorate so our goals were put on hold. We managed two laps up Winchester before heading home.



Our turnaround at one of the few wide spots in the road.


Jason skinning a peak to the south of Twin Lakes.


Jason and Josh checking out Mount Larrabee.


Jason and Josh on the summit of Winchester.


Jason during our first flap down the south face of Winchester.


Jason and Josh skinning for seconds.


Twin Lakes from the summit of Winchester.


Jason catching more air.


Early season powder.