Lake Ann, Ann and Han Peaks

January 14, 2001

1 day

Josh, Ben, Jason

Author: Josh Hummel

In the background you can see Ann Peak (green) and Han Peak (red). Part of our climb is in yellow and part of our ski is in blue.


We made it to the Shuksan Arm in good time and in high spirits. The weather was beautiful, beyond belief, and the snow was what we have come to expect from the baker backcountry, steep and deep. We had done this trip multiple times, but it still retained its charm.


Jason doing some big air.


On the way down to Lake Ann we jumped some cliffs and cornices. The traverse was entertaining as usual though we were a little leery of avalanches.


Jason heading down the backside of the Shuksan Arm.


As you can see, the snow was excellent and the terrain, unbelievable. We were in heaven.


This is our traverse to Lake Ann. In the background, to the left, are Shuksan and the West Face we climbed in Spring 99.


The ridge down to Lake Ann is flat, but can offer some great cornice jumps off into the west-facing bowl.


Josh jumping a small cornice with Jason in the background, waiting his turn (smile).


Hiking toward Ann Peak.


Next we made our way over to the first summit. We did not hang out long. We were itching to climb Ann’s neighbor, Han Peak. It ended up taking longer than we expected. The short rest on the summit of Ann provided us with the energy boost we needed.


Resting on Ann Peak.


Similar to the ridge down to Lake Ann, the ridge across the saddle to Han Peak offered great jumping opportunities.


Josh jumping off Ann Peak down to the saddle.


If you can believe it, I crashed just below this jump. It was a good header but caused only a minor damage. I quickly shook the snow off. Once up, I followed Jason and Ben’s tracks. They led straight down in order to get as close to Han Peak as possible.


Josh jumping a knoll on the way to Han Peak.


Hiking across the saddle.


The traverse went quickly, but the day was coming to an end. Bummer!


Jason nearing the top of the second peak.


We were soon to the top. The rest only lasted a few moments. There was still a long ski and climb ahead. We had worked hard for these turns and we were running late, so Ben took only a couple of photos here on out. In any case, the snow was too good and the turns too sweat to pull up for a photo. We jumped the cornice off the saddle and the rest you can only imagine. Knee deep and untracked.


A far off shot of a classic cornice jump.


Far too soon we were at the bottom of the valley with the Shuksan Arm before us. Earlier in the day I had broken one of my skins which made our trek all the more difficult. We hiked the rest of the way out and on top of the arm we had a spectacular view of Baker. It was awash in a colorful display that in itself would have made the whole trip worthwhile.


The sunset on top of the Shuksan Arm.


The ski down the arm was a classic, but darkening skies made it difficult to see. We still carved some faceshooting turns and made it back to the car in good order. From dust ‘till dawn – yes – a day well spent.