Lake Ann, Ann and Han Peak

January 29, 2000

1 day

Jason, Josh, Ben

Author: Jason Hummel

Me enjoying the sunny day.


Christmas break was over and gone, school was warming up, and my stocks had been getting hit hard. I had forgotten to study but felt that Sunday night would leave me plenty of time for that. I wanted to ski, the weather was nice, and so off we went. Anyway, I figured the ski would motivate me to care about homework.

Troy had broken his shoulder earlier in the month and I tore my knee. That had always been my worst fear. I was still healing. I am still healing 2 years later. That was when Josh passed my by. I have yet to catch-up. There was a lot on my mind, but once we were at the parking lot, I cared little about any of it. I wanted to ski. I wanted to climb.

We were to the top of the Shuksan Arm before we knew it.


Josh busting his way over a cornice.


The ski was what we had come to expect. Knee deep powder, sunny weather, and pristine views of Shuksan and Baker. While most people were skiing cut-up powder, we were all alone. In fact, we have never seen anyone venture beyond the Shuksan Arm. I wished it to stay that way, our treasure trove, full of face shots and powder bowls.


Josh and I skiing on the flats.


At the bottom I put sunscreen on and pulled the shades out.


Basking in the sun on a spectacular day.

Photographer: Jason Hummel


While I was eating Josh went ahead. Ben and I bathed in the view.


Josh making his way up the first peak.

Photographer: Jason Hummel


Ben and I decided to continue up the ridge while Josh went around Ann peak and up the backside. I followed Ben just cause it looked like a challenge and I already had my skis on my back. I followed reluctantly. I soon found myself holding on the one twig sticking out of the snow. There was a long fall down either side and I wouldn’t be walking away from either. I had dug myself in. I yelled at Ben. I was worried. I should’ve taken a slightly different route because he had dug all of the snow out and I had no snow left that would hold my weight. Ben said, "Go left!" I tried, tried, and tried again and finally managed. I felt stupid.


Han Peak with Baker is the distance. Josh is already halfway to the saddle.


Shuksan looking back. Follow the arching shadow to see the ridge Ben and I climbed.


We skied down the first peak and made our way to Han Peak. When our skis could no longer coast, we walked. Sometimes walking is easier, especially when your skins won't stick.


On top of the second peak.


Ben and I taking one last drink.

Photographer: Josh Hummel


There was a beautiful cornice to jump and so we all picked a spot and went for it. The landing was sweet. The powder was deep. Yea!


Heading for the cornice.


Josh taking first dibs.


Ben taking last.

Photographer: Jason Hummel


Here is what we had worked for, our payoff, virgin slopes.




The ski was over before we knew it and the climb was right in front of us. The worst thing after a long climb and a good ski is another climb. We topped out just as dark was enveloping everything.




Ben and Josh changing over to skis.

Photographer: Jason Hummel


After a quick ski down to the car, we were done, just after the sun set. Now I had to worry about studying and homework, but first I had to sleep.