Mount Shuksan, Elevation 9,131ft

Price Glacier, 40+ degrees

April 26-27, 2003

2 days

Ben, Jason, Josh, Sky

Nooksack Tower, the Price Glacier and the North Face of Mount Shuksan seen from above Price Lake. Our climb and ski are in red. We deemed the route Half Price for obvious reasons.


I don't have too much to say about this trip other than I was disappointed for turning around when we did. Nevertheless, it was probably the right choice and the trip was still a success having spent two days in a spectacular place. I was plagued by the Price the following week so I returned that Friday for another attempt.

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Sky fording Ruth Creek. The bridge is washed out at the trailhead so the trip begins and ends with an icy foot-bath.


Josh begins the loose-bark crux of the North Fork Nooksack crossing. The rest of us forded. During late spring and summer the log crossing is the only option as the river runs higher. This is also where the trail meets the schwack.


Sky's first look at the North Face of Mount Shuksan.


Josh and Jason during a brief clearing on the upper portion of Half Price.


Sky aiming for Nooksack Tower.


Sky and Josh attempt to find another way through the icefall.


Sky, Jason and Josh returning to our first turnaround while I question the decision to turn around at our second.


Josh negotiating one of the more heavily crevassed sections of our climb/descent.


Sky, Jason and Josh skiing the chute that we had difficulty finding that morning.


Coulda, shoulda, woulda… You can barely make out our skin track below the icefall.


Jason on his way down from camp.


Sky fording the North Fork Nooksack. If this looks bad, imagine doing it in the dark.