Nisqually Chutes from below Camp Muir, Elevation 9,000ft

November 10, 2001

1 day

Ben, Troy, Josh

Muir Snowfield from below Pebble Creek. Our ascent is in green and our ski descent is in red. The shortened climb and ski is seen in blue. This photo was taken the day before.


The weather wasn't quite as nice as the previous day's. We got a late start and there were lots more people so we decided to turn around about 30 minutes shy of Camp Muir. That was ok, the snow was firm above there and there was plenty of skiing to be had below.

We ended up following our previous day's tracks down the Nisqually Chutes. A couple other skiers stole our stash but they neglected to find the ice caves. We showed Troy around and he was just as impressed.

I finished off my roll of film and we skied softening snow to Paradise.


Troy and Josh getting ready to ski.


Josh skiing towards the Nisqually Chutes.


Josh near the top of the Nisqually Chutes.


Josh going caving.


Troy and Josh entering the lower cave.


Troy doing some sunset tele.


That's all for this year. I don't plan on going back to Muir until everything else is melted out. It's a great ski but there are much better ways to earn your turns.