Muir Snowfield from Camp Muir, Elevation 10,000ft

September 27, 2001

1 day

Ben, Jason, Josh

Ben hiking near Panorama Point.

Photographer: Josh


It was late September and we needed to ski. Our last ski was Dome Peak but we had no intention of carrying our skis 17 miles to ski a measly 1 mile. We decided to be lazy and head to Rainier.


Josh and Jason resting above Pebble Creek.


Josh and Jason getting ready to ski.


Josh skiing by a rare crevasse on the Muir Snowfield.


Jason carving some new snow down low.


Josh testing his edges on some steep ice near Pebble Creek.


It turned out to be a decent ski. New snow helped fill in the suncups and cover the dirt. Most of it melted the following week but we knew it would be back. I returned 2 weeks later to make sure.