Toutle River

Class III (IV), 32fpm, 2100cfs

January 18, 2002

Ben, Jason, Eric Schertzl

Eric in Hollywood Gorge.


The Toutle River is an ok float if you happen to live in Castle Rock. Otherwise, it's probably not worth the drive. The water is murky and the rapids are pretty lame. Hollywood Gorge provides the exception. It's almost long enough to warm you up during the 9 miles of flats and if you miss your line it might provide a memory. All I remember is Jason tripping off the bank on the way to the put-in. He chucked his boat and did a 10-foot barrel roll as though it was meant to happen. Eric and I stood on top in disbelief.



Jason in Hollywood Gorge.


It might be worth trying at flood stage but I can't imagine running it at less flow.