South Fork Snoqualmie River, Fall in the Wall

Class IV-V, ~300fpm, ~100cfs (300cfs South Fork Snoqualmie)

April 18, 2003

Ben, John


The South Fork Snoqualmie follows the I-90 corridor west from the 3000ft Snoqualmie Pass. Its first few miles are infested with waterfalls, ledge drops and slides and it just so happens that the majority are runnable. The put-in is beneath the freeway near the turnoff to Alpental but it is best to continue a short distance downstream to scout the first and foremost drop, Fall in the Wall. Here the creek trickles over a 23-foot falls into a 10-foot wide pool. Left is the preferred exit but I imagine the cave on the right has its share of visitors. If you survive this drop the flow is most likely in the recommended 200-400cfs range.


John running Fall in the Wall.


The next significant drop is Double Undercut. Most people portage this but John and I managed to squeeze through at low flows. Afterwards, you'll be treated to numerous ledge drops and slides and the occasional wood portage. The final drop is known as Rootball and care should be taken so that you don't go beyond it. The next 40-foot slide has been run but the lethal Franklin Falls awaits downstream. John and I walked its banks and mused at the what-ifs before hiking the snowed in road back to the put-in.


John running a typical slide below Double Undercut.