Middle Fork Nooksack River

Class V, 156fpm, 350cfs

August 10,18, 2002

Ben, Jason, John, Travis

John enters the canyon below Icebox.


I don't remember much from this trip besides the flow. The photos you see are actually from two trips that we took this summer. There wasn't much carnage involved but a few changes that you might want to take note of.

First, a portion of the left cliff in S-Turn has fallen into the river creating a riverwide hole. We haven't had any trouble punching it at low flows but it has a tendency to flip you and I can see it getting ugly at higher flows. The portage route is up the steep landslide on the right and might be worth your time.

Second, the log below Super Boof seems to have sunk to the point where going underneath it in your boat is no longer an option. The left passage is still open. You can make the ferry as long as you're upright so stay left and try not to flip.


Jason in the boulder gardens above the dam.


Travis above Icebox.


Travis in Hawaii Five-O.


Jason above the new hole in S-Turn.


John running center at Super Boof.


Travis letting go in Cheese Grater.