Upper Upper Cispus River

Class V, 130fpm, ~360cfs

October 5, 2002

Ben, Travis, Leo

Leo in the upper boulder gardens.


Although our previous trip down the Upper Upper was a little low, we decided to give it another shot. We expected some bumps and bruises so it didn't feel too bad knowing what was in store. This was Leo's first time down and myself and Travis's third. Leo and Travis both forgot their booties but besides that, there was little carnage to speak of. In fact, Leo managed to get down without flipping. We joked that he shouldn't bother wearing his helmet next time. Travis on the other handů Well, let's just say his helmet cam got some close ups of the riverbed.


Leo running the first waterfall.


Leo in the upper boulder gardens. There is a bad pin spot in the center chute here so we made sure to go right.


Leo running a tight chute above Island Drop.


Leo running the second drop of Island Drop.


Travis boofing the rapid above the Behemoth.


Travis and Leo scouting the Behemoth.


Leo running the Behemoth.


Leo punching the hole below the Behemoth.


Travis and Leo getting ready for the boulder garden below the Behemoth.


I got back to Tacoma at a reasonable hour and decided to climb Rainier the next day (see Emmons). We had great time but it was a little much for a weekend. I didn't get back to Bellingham until 5am Monday and it wasn't until 9pm that I got to bed.