Carbon River

Class V, 80fpm, 230cfs

February 9, 2002

Ben, Josh, Jason

Josh in the heart of the canyon between Welcome and Lobster Claw.


Sometimes the best way to get me to do something is to tell me that it can't be done. Can't, shouldn't, won't, don't… everything short of impossible. It's the gray area between life and death that few people care to explore.

My exploration of the Carbon began in late October of 2001. I was living in Tacoma and couldn't help but notice Bennett's description, "This indescribable Class V steep creek, located deep in the heart of the most spectacular gorge I've ever seen." I also couldn't help but notice his warning, "One misplaced log can make this run impossible. Impossible to hike out in places." Most spectacular, impossible, most spectacular, impossible, most spectacular…

I had crossed the Fairfax Bridge numerous times on my way to Rainier. I knew there was a river below but I had no idea that it could be paddled. When I felt brave I'd get out to see its darkened depths. Common sense led me to safety but nothing could silence its roar.


I would like to scout this river first. (highly recommended)

I would like to run this river first. (highly discouraged)