Lower Carbon River Gorge

Class V-, 80fpm, 300cfs

April 6, 2003

Ben, John, Travis, Leo, Claus


We were planning on paddling the complete gorge but a peek off the Fairfax Bridge on the way to the put-in revealed a riverwide log blocking the exit of Welcome. There was no way for a boat to get through at this flow although we've since heard that you're able to get over the log at higher flows. Due to the nature of the canyon (steep and deep), we were faced with a rappel in below Welcome or a rappel in below Rick's Slide. After a long stare at Rick's from the canyon rim, we opted for the latter.

The rappel went much smoother than our first attempt at the Lower Gorge but the flow was less than optimal. We were pleased to find no new wood and looked forward to returning at higher flows.


Claus entering the second canyon.


John johning. My breakdown is in his left hand. He somehow managed not to swim here but wasn't so fortunate in the upper boulder gardens where his paddle got pinned after an ugly swim.


Leo finishing the most difficult of the lower boulder gardens.


Travis and Claus scouting the lower boulder gardens.