Glacier Peak


Glacier Peak is one of the least known volcanoes in the Pacific Northwest. It's somewhat difficult to recognize from the lowlands but once you're up high, there's no mistaking it. Its central location makes it an easy reference throughout the Cascades. It is somewhat remote so few people are familiar with its splendor. The Glacier Peak Wilderness lies to the south of the North Cascades National Park. Their sizes are roughly equivalent. I would consider these regions equally remote yet Glacier Peak stands alone when compared to the other major volcanoes. Although the technical difficulties are minimal, there is no short route to the top.

The easiest approach is approximately 8 miles long consisting mainly of flat forest. This makes for a difficult ski, or rather difficult walk, as the trail is generally melted and we are forced to carry our skis and boots (weighing approximately 25lbs) on our pack. Overnight gear is usually an additional 25lbs. Regardless, the summit ski is worth the effort.


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