Cascade Classic

Charlie on the North Ridge of Stuart


I did a lot of sport and alpine climbing as a kid. My notable ascents include Serpentine Arete, South Face of Prussik, North Ridge of Stuart, Liberty Crack and Direct East Buttress of South Early Winters. I peaked out just before I left Yakima climbing low 5.12 face and low 5.11 crack. My priorities changed from climbing to skiing as I entered college. I lost touch with my climbing partners (Troy, Charlie and Tygh) and adapted to my ski partners (Josh and Jason). More importantly, I missed the atmosphere of my local climbing gym. There was something about Norm's Gym that Stone Gardens or Vertical World couldn't make up for.

I spent most evenings of my freshman year trying to stay in shape. My body was in the game but my mind was not. Bouldering at Stone Gardens became a chore. I never found any replacements so I retired sophomore year. Skiing and hiking kept me busy while my climbing gear gathered dust. I also started whitewater kayaking during my senior year.

It was spring of my senior year when I got a call from Jens Klubberud, a climbing friend I knew from Ellensburg who recently started teaching near Seattle. I wasn't able to go climbing but my brother ended up going and had a blast. They did a linkup near Cascade Pass. Jens called back a few weeks later and invited me to try a first ascent on Nooksack Tower. I hadn't set rubber on rock in over two years but I agreed to go. He said the climbing would be low 5.10. I bought a pair of rock shoes the next day.

Jens and I had a blast. We did a first ascent on the backside of Nooksack Tower and descended the standard route. It was a 20 hour push that I'll never forget. I've been hooked again and I'm sure that there will be lots more to come.





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